Who We Are

BioChem is a controls company focused on the efficient and effective treatment of wastewater. We go beyond the mechanics to focus on the biological aspect of treatment, while taking into account all of the inherent complexities.

We provide highly automated, sophisticated but user-friendly control strategies to deliver unparalleled levels of performance, precise control, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Our products are marketed by our partner Environmental Dynamics International (EDI ), a leader in aeration solutions. In combination with EDI we are delivering impressive gains in energy conservation and plant performance. To learn more about EDI go to wastewater.com.


To develop and deploy high-value, intelligent control solutions for complex processes by employing multi-disciplinary scientific know-how and advanced data solutions.


Use transformative, intelligent control solutions to deliver high economic value in environmental stewardship to all water utilities, big and small, existing and new.


BioChem does all research and development, applications engineering, modeling and programming in-house. Fabrication and assembly are done in our own workshop or in ULâ„¢ certified shops.


  • Secondary treatment process design and design review
  • Process consulting and troubleshooting
  • Process modeling and simulation (using BioWin™ and GPS-X™)


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