The Symphony concept embodies the vision behind BioChem's partnership with Environmental Dynamics International (EDI). EDI's extensive aeration products and expertise is combined with BioChem's industry leading biological process knowledge and intelligent, fully automated optimization and control technologies. The result is a comprehensive technology suite, which orchestrates all the critical subsystems of secondary treatment for unparalleled efficiency and performance. Symphony selects the proper aeration equipment, and "conducts" your plant's operating systems: blowers, valves, pumps and instruments in perfect harmony.

Symphony's smart software not only coordinates key operating subsystems for optimal performance and efficiency, it incorporates next generation features such as:

  • Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization System (BIOS) - This proprietary, intelligent algorithm analyzes the ever changing biochemical, environmental and hydraulic conditions effecting the plant and automatically calculates optimal values for all of the critical, controllable operation set points affecting performance. Balances efficiency and effectiveness per operator desired results.
  • Predictive Aeration Logic (PAL) - This patented software takes either the calculated DO setpoints provided by the BIOS, or the desired setpoint as determined by the operator, and calculates the required airflow, using the real time oxygen uptake rate factor achieve the desired DO. It then controls the blower(s) speed and valve(s) position (functioning as a MCP) to hit and maintain the targeted concentration, zone by zone to infinity, with unprecedented accuracy compared to conventional PID schemes. It also employs dynamic most open valve logic so that the blower(s) always operate at the least possible pressure, saving energy and equipment wear.
  • Failure Detection and Isolation (FDI) - This logic not only identifies a faulty instrument or valve, but also calculates and implements the most effective work around to mitigate the impact on process performance until the repair can be made.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) - This converts myriad and copious data into useable, actionable information in order to effectively manage a facilities resources and to get the most bang for the maintenance buck.

The idea behind Symphony isn't just to make different equipment work, but make the complete system work, harmoniously as a single whole, yet optimally and efficiently under all varying operating conditions. It can be adapted to any process type, and blowers, valves or instruments of any type or manufacture, and is infinitely and seamlessly scalable.

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