Who We Are

  • BioChem is a digital solutions company focused on the efficient and effective treatment of wastewater. We go beyond mechanics to focus on the biological aspect of treatment, all while accounting for the unique and inherent complexities of each plant.
  • Our highly automated, sophisticated but user-friendly solutions deliver unparalleled levels of performance, automation, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.


  • Advance the practices of design, operations and maintenance, and management with real-time, situational awareness and process unit knowledge.


  • Increase the delivered value of all utilities, small and large, with tools for nutrient recovery, energy efficiency, and plant utilization.


  • BioChem supports a team of scientists and engineers that are collectively focused on the development and application of next-generation, digital twin solutions.
  • Solutions use plant data in real-time to make informed decisions in process optimization, energy use, equipment automation, and asset management.
  • Open architecture design supports existing system expansions and the full complement of hardware and instrument components.

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