BioChem has two core products that, together or individually, provide real-time optimization of the aeration function or secondary biological process unit. Once installed, the operating solution or digital twin mirrors the operating function of the controlled function thereby providing a predictive roadmap for adjustments and corrective actions.

Bioprocess Aeration Control System (BACS)

BioChem has developed an advanced aeration control system to effectively control the residual dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in each aerobic zone of an activated sludge wastewater treatment process.

  • Flow-thru and batch processes
  • Diffused and mechanical aeration
  • Mixing protocols

Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization System (BIOS):

The Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization System (BIOS) is an integrated hardware and software system that enables real-time monitoring and control of wastewater treatment operations based on the dynamically changing biological activity occurring in the bioreactor. The BIOS controls the secondary treatment process to provide optimal conditions for microbial treatment.

  • Flow-thru, looped, and batch processes
  • Nitrification and nutrient recovery optimization
  • Anoxic selector optimization and Internal recycle optimization
  • Swing zone operation
  • SRT advisor
  • Carbon management
  • Chemical dosing control
  • pH control
  • RAS & WAS management

BioChem supports these products with engineering services that focus on process modeling, process simulation and process optimization using the latest versions of GPS-x and BioWin.