Here’s what some of our customers and partners say about working with BioChem and the results they’ve seen since adopting our products.

“It has been a pleasure working with you. The BioChem system has been working really well. Abington Regional Water Authority is very happy with its performance.”

– Lauren Elliot, Plant Director at Abington Regional Water Authority

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“Today we are exceeding our original (effluent improvement) goals , and can reduce total phosphorous … due in large part to the robust system designed by BioChem.”

– Frank DiScuillo, director at City of Lebanon Authority.

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“The touch screen interface is well thought out and very intuitive, providing all of the necessary control and feedback needed to run the system.”

– Scott Sponholz, Construction Manager at Johnson Controls

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“BioChem has proven itself to be a resourceful and collaborative entity, adding value well beyond the defined project scope…The implementation of this system (BioChem DO control) and control method resulted in a 65% energy savings for the MWRA.”

– Eric Bennett, Applications Engineer at Aerzen USA

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“To provide process monitoring and control, particularly for the nitrification / denitrification processes while optimizing aeration, TWA has installed the BIOS process control instrumentation… TWA plans to continue the use of the BIOS technology for future projects based on our experience to date.”

– Brian Wheeler, Executive Director at Toho Water Authority

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Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence